Let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.
- Nikola Tesla


Precision. Performance. Reliability.

These 3 integral values are fused into everything we do.

In the beginning, we looked around and could not find a single laundry machine, that could honestly deliver what the modern laundry needed to run successfully. We’d been dreaming of: a smart, energy efficient that would stronger and more reliable that what was on the market. So we decided to build machines ourselves.

Our dream of the developing the perfect machines – has inspired our team of world class product designers and R&D personnel. To reach beyond the highest standards in commercial laundry.

Our standards are beyond other manufacturers, With hundreds and thousands of hours testing our machines in the most stringent conditions sets us well above our nearest competitors on the market. Our quality assurance procedures start from the very sourcing of the highest quality materials through to the day your machine leaves our factory.

We do it because we love what we do,  and that energy in-turn delivers you best machine to run a successful business.


Our Approach

Peak Performance Every Day of Every Week

Commercial and domestic laundry is tough and unrelenting. It’s not just about going the distance, it’s about deliver bright clean results without wearing out fabrics. Every Machine gets put through its paces, from rigorous unbalance tests, with 3 and 5kg metal weights put through thousands of cycles to determine any weak points. To the seals and bearings get 30,000 cycles while the door locks and drain valves are tortured over 180,000 times.

It gives you an understanding of how serious we are about performance.

  • 30,000 cycles professional washer extractors for heavy loads

  • Trouble-free operation, built to last

  • Best economy and performance as well as environmental friendliness

  • Automatic savings of water and energy at half load (up to 50% water savings)

  • Perfect balance between economy, wash performance

  • Speed Soak drum, with drum perforation designed for fastest soaking and outstanding dewatering as well as best pass-through of solid particles

  • Highest savings in drying, due to Power Balance, for best extraction

Smarter not Harder

Our team of engineers worked tirelessly to come up with commercial and domestic washers and dryers that capitalised on the foundations of good product design of the past 20 years. They took that knowledge and built into the fabric of these machines smarter technology to assist with delivering better washing and dryer results using half the resources.

We’ve received a standing ovation in Europe and the US amongst government and private institutions for producing a solution to climate change for an industry that is known for high energy use.

The definition of innovation is to find a way to do something better. We truly believe we have done just that.

Design Must Have a Function Other Than Good Looks

Our team of designers focused on making the Tesla Professional Eco Series not only reliable and durable. But the team were charged with the responsibility of building commercial and domestic washers and dryers that run efficiently to bring running costs down for commercial customers.

We understand that in today’s tough economy, finding ways of making a profit are getting harder to come by.

Keeping this as a priority the design team have created a blueprint for the future of commercial and domestic washers and dryers. Not only the sleek new design looks great, it performs even better, thanks to years of research and testing put into these products.

With an average of 30,000 cycles professional use and patented smart technology and user friendly interface you’ll be in no doubt you have made the best decision for your commercial and domestic laundry.