It’s time to make a change to the most cost effective commercial and domestic laundry solution on the market.

Durable, reliable, energy and water saving commercial and domestic washers and dryers have arrived.

Introducing Tesla Professional revolutionises commercial and domestic laundry. Imagine opening your professional laundry each day to the most advanced cost effective technology on the market. At Tesla Professional, we believe that looking after you and your customers with robust endurance, a better wash and dry, but most of all machines that save you money.

That’s why our range of washers and dryers have been specially designed to include clever innovation and low running cost. Every Tesla Professional machine is back by first class support, right here in Australia.

Product Overview

Tesla Professional are ecologic machines that care for all fabrics while caring for our planet.

Our ecologic machines are ultra-efficient and easy to use.

Maximum revenue with minimal costs. Tesla Professional deliver ultimate savings with clean installations superior efficiency. With every machine you get perfect wash & dry results.


Faster wash cycles and excellent laundry care with speed soak and patented Tesla drum.

  • Up to 50 % water savings for half loads
  • Energy savings due to less water to heat

Software program built into the wash cycle to reduce water consumption and energy costs

  • With each wash cycle, AS determines the load weight and adds the correct amount of water
  • Standard with Compass Pro® on Super Spin, Extra Spin, High Spin and relevant wash programs

High productivity and the best drying results thanks to Residual Moisture Control

  • Time, energy and money savings
  • Shortens the drying cycle
  • No operator surveillance
  • Prevents over-drying of delicate fabrics.

A special insulated lifter and sensor system that lets you program the cycle to stop at preset moisture levels between 0 and 30%.

Customer Commitment

We know Tesla Professional’s business success depends our customer’s satisfaction. Our commitment to integrity, complying with laws and regulations and the belief that every day we can improve what we did yesterday. Sets us apart from others in the market place.

Technical Support & Service Network Commitment

A reliable, global presence: Tesla Professional offers the most extensive service network of skilled, authorised partners for: installation, spare parts and maintenance. All of which provide efficient customer service and fast technical assistance. Our service network is available for prompt, expert advice Australia Wide.

Environmental Commitment

Tesla Professional factories are DNV certified, following strict environmental policies. Every year the goal is to consume 15% less energy in our factories. Components and raw materials are without toxic substances; in addition, a Restricted Material List (RML) defines which chemicals are banned and restricted in Tesla Professional products.

Tesla Professional also guarantees a high level of components recyclability (up to 95%).

Our combined tests see components tested over 500,000 grueling times. All for a brighter future.